Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nirvana - Band Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nirvana - Band Review - Essay Example His fateful suicide signaled a major loss to the music environment and marked one of the pivotal events of 1990s music. Even with the fantastical nature of Cobain’s story, the power and insight of his music is perhaps the most moving element of Nirvana. While generally concerned with the pains and angst of existence, Nirvana’s albums span a wide-range of emotions. It’s within this context that I have come to greatly relate to their music. While it was not the first album of Nirvana’s that I heard or nearly their most popular record, the first full-length album that Nirvana released was Bleach. Bleach has been an important album to my life for many reasons. One of the primary aspects that I appreciate this record is that it has a raw edge that the later Nirvana records don’t have. In many regards, some of the themes on this record are the same as on later Nirvana records; indeed, ‘About a Girl’ is even featured on these later records. .. . Virtually every song on this album is highly emotionally charged and gripping. This was the first Nirvana album I discovered. I listened to this album in a time of intense despair in my life, after my girlfriend and I had broken up. The intensity of emotion and deep feeling spoke the depression I was feeling on a level that other music couldn’t. I also believe the album was successful for speaking to the challenges of socialization and fighting one’s way through a scholastic environment that was oftentimes cruel and challenging. While other music attempts to speak to these growing pains, oftentimes the emotions contained in those albums come across as forced and somewhat produced. When listening to Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ I was truly able to take solace in a record that I felt understanding the pain and challenges I was facing in attempting to relate and survive in a cold social climate. In terms of specific tracks, I’ve always felt like ‘ Smells Like Teen Spirit’ spoke directly to my angst at feeling like I didn’t fit in with the popular crowd. While a lot of individuals put-down Nirvana for being depressing music, or criticizing Kurt Cobain for ultimately committing suicide, I find a different perspective on this music. For me it represents a necessary response to questions of life that oftentimes go unanswered. I believe that in great part the nature of the music is attempting to grasp with aspects of life that are unfair. Why do more attractive people get to enjoy certain aspects of existence that others don’t? Why do some people feel more depressed than others? Why these may seem simple and trite questions,

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